Emily Shaw, MD

Certified Life Coach, Wife, Mom & Board Certified Family Physician
My Mission
Coaching helped me get the life I want.  Now, as a coach myself, I figure the way I can have the greatest impact on others is to enable and empower our fellow physicians to do the same.  To get the quality of life we want AND the the connection & relationships we need WHILE serving our communities AND meeting our financial goals.  That's having it all for sure!  Quality time with family AND a rewarding career!  Regular daily movement AND finishing notes on time!  Meeting financial goals AND traveling the world!

Eventually, my goal is to use coaching to help lift up entire communities by helping the helpers.  Coaching allows people to take back control over their lives and design the lives they want on purpose.  Every aspect.  Really.  Coaching is the most effective tool for this.  

Most life coaches are not physicians.  And most physicians are not life coaches.  There is a growing, surging tide of us physician coaches and I'm hopeful that we will empower physicians and stakeholders across the United States and all over the world and usher in the change that is needed to redesign our healthcare system and the culture of medicine.  

I am the change I want to see.  I am my own first patient.  You can be yours too.  I can help!
Individual Coaching Packages

Each year I take on a limited number of individual coaching clients. 
Please schedule a consult or reach out to me via e-mail to discuss this option if it interests you.
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