How was your day?

April 28, 2021

I’m a nature lover and always super curious about any creatures I encounter on a trail or around our yard or anywhere.  And I especially love that our kids are the same.  

So learning about the 17 year cicadas “Brood X” that is supposed to emerge any day now in the North East has been really interesting for me.  And any time I learn about very short-lived creatures that emerge, mate, and then die over a relatively short period of time it reminds me of something really important.  Their experience of life is so very very in the moment.  And so can ours.  Though hedonism and only thinking from one moment to the next is probably not a super healthy way to approach our long-lived life.  Especially if we’re caring for anyone else.

But we are super lucky that we have day after day after day to experience everything that life has to offer us.

And we get the opportunity to to reflect on our day really often.  And it is an opportunity to CHOOSE.

So the next time somebody asks you “How was your day?”  I urge you to wait a second.  Pause and get honest with yourself about how you’d like to answer.  Because those words that we choose will then determine how we feel going forward.  

And how we feel will drive what we do next.  Our actions.  Or our lack of action.  

That’s all!

Happy Wednesday!

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