Everyday Discomforts

January 19, 2021

What do you do with your everyday discomforts?  Do you try to avoid them by distracting yourself with something else?  Do you resist them by stuffing them down below the surface only to have them explode out of you later at some (sometimes totally unrelated) moment?  Do you act them out physically with your body?  

We all do all of that don’t we?  At some point or another…every week.  Every day.  We chose of these responses inevitably.

Me too.  I’m better than before for sure.  Now I mostly prevent those kinds of cycles from happening.  But not always.  

Like I said yesterday, I feel uncomfortable every single day.  Many times a day.  So even if I prevent myself from distracting myself or resisting or acting out the vast majority of my uncomfortable emotions some still slip by.  Unnoticed.  

And that is what happened today.  When I found myself procrastinating….by reading the news!  I win some and I lose some.  But every single day I’m making progress in this process called growth.

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