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"My husband was watching me coach myself on this since you taught me and he was like, 'this is AMAZING' so I had to tell you. You've really helped me so much Emily."

~ Anonymous, MD

"This has all been super amazing!  It’s been life changing.  Honestly it has been fantastic working with you.  I can’t think of somebody better to work with for me personally."

~ Francine Ling, MD

"This program has been above and beyond what I expected. So I’ve been really happy with everything. The Saturday mornings work perfectly.  The individual sessions, the workbook.  I’m doing great!  This has been a rudder.  A North Star."

~ Anonymous, MD

“[After 3 weeks of coaching] I’ve definitely noticed that there’s a shift in my satisfaction at work and my attitude showing up at work and being there for patients.  I’m calmer, even if I’m running late, I’m like 'lets make sure that this patient gets all their questions answered'.  And I’ve gotten really nice feedback from patients and what I realized is that I didn’t do anything but listen to them and it was really incredible for them to say to me that that was really important and what they really needed.  And that I was able to do that for them.  [Coaching] is definitely helping and things are shifting for me."

~ Tahereh Naderi, MD
Family Physician

"Emily, even though I pride myself on being a scientific person I do believe the Universe brought us together at this time. I thank you for the person I am becoming.  A more comfortable, lighter, daring, capable me.

You have changed my limiting beliefs into empowering habits; reminding me that whatever the results my goal is to be a more connected, playful, present person regardless of the story that came before.  Thank you."  

~ Cristina Mota, MD
Family Physician
"I recommend life coaching for a person who wants change or growth in their personal and professional life that seems to keep being deferred by competing obligations and priorities. What you receive is not advice but a methodology that yields a more productive habit of thought. Of course, you still have to do the work, but you can take satisfaction in the accomplishment of intermediate goals along the way."
~ Elizabeth Peralta, MD
Breast Surgeon
"[After our 1st coaching session I noticed a difference.]  I'm proud of myself that despite all the work burnout and everything that has happened this year that I was able to give compassionate care even towards the end at the 23rd hour of my call.  That usually drops off around hour 18.  That I was able to be more mindful of my thoughts and I was able to give that 23rd hour patient just as much compassionate care as the 1st patient.  I am proud of that."

~ Anonymous, MD

"The first thing I noticed [when we started coaching] was that I was less resentful with my patients.  I was happy to see them again.  After not being for a long time. It just feels better, it is a more engaged process. I’m having more people thanking me.  And it feels good every time.

This has been exactly what I've needed.  I just didn't know it.  I've woken up a lot.  Not a little."

~ Anonymous, MD
Family Physician