Who Needs Discomfort?

January 18, 2021


I’ve been very lucky in my life so far.  I have not experienced traumas.  So last year, 2020, was by far, the most uncomfortable year of my life.  

Between the discomfort I purposefully created for myself (in all the goal setting and striving and failing and learning and persevering) and all the discomfort I experienced while processing all the events and all my thoughts about the people and the world around us…I felt uncomfortable every single day…many times a day.  


Those little red flags — the insecurity, fear, confusion, doubt, worry, frustration, stress, unsureness, questioning, trouble, and lack of commitment — they were my little alarm bells that sounded when I was in the wrong mindset.  When I had my map turned upside down.  

They reminded me to re-assess.  To remember who I am and to remember my goals.  To re-program my navigation system (my mindset) and correct my course. 

So while 2020 was the year I’ve felt the most uncomfortable.  It was also the year I felt the most fulfillment, joy, pride, humility, abundance, inspiration, generosity, exhilaration, freedom, and, most of all, OPTIMISM.

What does your discomfort tell you?

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