Embracing Discomfort

March 30, 2021

So much of what I help people with as a life coach is about allowing ourselves to feel uncomfortable without pushing it away.  We don’t like to feel discomfort.  So oftentimes we avoid it or resist it or react to it when we notice it.  It feels yucky.  So we try our best to feel anything else.

And that is what this past year has been for all of us.  A whole lot of discomfort.  Between the pandemic with people getting sick, fear of getting sick, lives lost and fear of losing those around us, to lost jobs and fear of losing income, scraping by, and all of the frustration, anger, helplessness and futility around racism and inequality and the lack of justice in our society.  

Today I urge you to notice when you’re feeling uncomfortable.  And just check in with yourself.  Gently.  Just pay attention to what actual physical sensations you’re experiencing and then try to label the feeling.

I don’t know about you but medical school totally erased all of my vocabulary.  All the medical jargon replaced all of my other words.  So I’ve had to practice, this past year, remembering emotions.  

Our discomfort is a signal that is worth processing and understanding.  That’s why I recommend embracing discomfort.  And just starting with noticing it and allowing ourselves to feel it.  Because we can’t learn from things we push under the rug.  

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