Playing Soccer = Happiness?  Yes & No!

April 20, 2021

So many times we make the assumption that the thing happening to us or in front of us or around us in MAKING US feel a certain way.  

But that’s just not the case is it?  Really…think about it.  

Look at the same exact game.  SOCCER.

I grew up playing soccer.  Started when I was Melody’s age, 4.  Played competitively until I quit my senior year in high school (didn’t play for my school team but did play for my club team).  Because it just wasn’t fun anymore.  The game wasn’t fun. 

Or so I thought.  

Because as soon as I got to college I desperately wanted to play again.  And that’s how Laura and I became friends!  We revived the Brown Women’s Club Soccer Team and had a total blast out there!

And fast forward to now?  Yesterday watching Melody play in her very very first ever soccer practice….I was so happy!  

Why?  Was it the nostalgia?  Was it the pride?  Why was I so happy?  

It was my mindset.  

The game itself can never be good or bad.  The players / teammates are never good or bad.  None of that can have any sort of judgement or feeling labeling them like that. 

Our experience of anything or anyone is just a collection of all our thoughts about it.  All of them!  

So yesterday I was happy.  Super super super happy.  And I had a ton of thoughts that made me feel wonderful, amazing, positive, excited, joyful, proud, and hopeful.

Is it luck?  A little.  Is it privilege?  Yes.  But just as easily I could have had a terrible, crummy, frustrated, disappointed or maddening experience.  With the same amount of luck and privilege.

Our perception of our experiences are what we make them.

Yesterday I chose to feel happy.

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