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My First 24

Coaching Scholarship

The Context / Background

I spent the entire year of 2020 designing and developing MY FIRST 24 to be the most important 24hrs of the rest of your life.  The first cohort graduated in March, 2021.

I have wanted to be a life coach for caring female physicians since I was still in medical school back in 2008.  So MY FIRST 24 is something I dreamed about and was subconsciously designing for a very long time through my perspective at each stage of my life.

My goals for MY FIRST 24 are 3 fold:

1. TO TEACH:  the life skills we all need but weren't taught

2. TO BUILD COMMUNITY:  a super real, intimate community around a powerful, shared experience

3. TO PROPEL:  smart, caring lady docs who find themselves stuck & struggling to get the experience of life they really want and deserve.
By graduation from MY FIRST 24 there's no more tug-a-war of patient care vs self care. Or screen (EHR) time vs family time.  We deal with imposter syndrome, worry, overwhelm, self-doubt, finances. We develop self-confident leaders and launch careers to the next level.

People accomplish changes in their lives and in their relationships they never thought were possible. All within an intimate group of amazing, loving, supportive peers over a short period of time.


MY FIRST 24 is a 12 week life coaching, CME program (yes, docs can use CME $ and CME time and can get 12.5 - 25hrs of AMA PRA Category 1 CME Credit for participating). 

- Weekly 60 minute group sessions facilitated by me
- A curriculum tailored specifically to female physicians who care and which builds on itself
- The MY FIRST 24 Workbook for reference, reading, and processing the material
- Weekly 45 minute individual coaching sessions with me tailored to each participant's individual journey

Participants hear the material, engage in active group discussion, read the information in the workbook text, and complete brief weekly homework to process it all.  I designed this program to encourage real cementing of the coaching concepts for people of all learning styles and to support stretching, growth, and change in all physicians who care... including neurodiverse docs like me with ADHD.

After graduation from MY FIRST 24, alumni can choose to participate in the MY FIRST 24 Alumni Program, in-person retreats, and in the MY FIRST 24 online community, all of which offer continued individual coaching and support.

I run MY FIRST 24 twice a year.

In the late Winter to Spring.  And in the late Summer to Fall.  The next MY FIRST 24 program begins on August 23rd.

This MY FIRST 24 Scholarship Program is a PILOT that I'm hoping to gain funding for with grants in the future.

I’m going to allow PHYSICIANS or MEDICAL DIRECTORS to each nominate 1 physician per cycle  (CONFIDENTIALLY) for a FULL SCHOLARSHIP...if chosen, the nominated physician won’t have to pay a single cent of their MY FIRST 24 tuition (in 2023 that's a $4,000 value).

Confidential Application Process

*** NOTE:  You cannot nominate yourself.  Because the point of this is to open up a dialogue among docs and encourage a shift in our culture of medicine. ***

Eligibility criteria:
- female physician
- who cares deeply about the communities they serve

1)  Answer 3 questions.
2)  Have a conversation about this with the  person you're nominating (to make sure it's a good idea)
3)  Submit prior to the deadline (Monday, August 14th by 8am Pacific Time)

How to Apply

*** NOTE:  each physician or Medical Director can only nominate 1 physician for this scholarship per cycle ***

Open up your e-mail and send to me ( an e-mail with:

The name & e-mail address of the female physician you are nominating.

And the CONCISE answers to the following:

1. Tell me a little bit about the person you are nominating and why you think they will benefit from coaching with me, and specifically, from the MY FIRST 24 program (see above for description/program info).

2. Coaching is only transformative for those who are ready to do the work and who are engaged in the process.  AND, the group component is a big part of the MY FIRST 24 experience.  Do you think the person you’re nominating is ready to do the work?  Do you think she’ll be engaged in the process for herself and with the group?  What evidence do you have that she wants change in her life and that she can put in the work to get there?

3. The whole point of the MY FIRST 24 scholarship is to encourage dialogue, connection, and real, honest, safe sharing between physicians...colleagues, friends, mentors and mentees within the medical community.  It’s not easy to open up, to allow ourselves to be vulnerable, and trust another person with a part of ourselves.  How do you plan on initiating a conversation like that with the person you’re nominating?  Asking them about how they’re doing.  And asking them permission or telling them that you’ve nominated them for this?  What do you see as potential obstacles for you or for her in opening up?  How might you help yourself or her overcome these potential obstacles you've identified?

Deadline for scholarship application submission for the MY FIRST 24 Fall (August) 2023 Program is 8am Pacific Time on Monday, August 14, 2023.  Submit the answers to the question prompts above in a simple e-mail to

The winning application will be chosen and both the nominating physician AND the nominated physician will be notified by e-mail no later than Thursday, August 17, 2023.  The program starts with our first group session on Wednesday, August 23, 2023 from 9am-10am Pacific Time.  Schedules can be blocked and participating physicians can use their PTO, their CME time, Sick time, ALD, or unpaid time off if needed.  We have never had any problems getting the time approved by an employer.

And now...go have the conversation!  You can figure it out.
Channel love.  And optimism.  And you won’t go wrong.

Coaching Along The Career Spectrum

Residency & Fellowship
"I started working with Emily as a 3rd year resident. Self-confidence was low. Within 1 month I felt my perspective & approach to work & life shift. I noticed how I was limiting myself with my own thoughts. Emily gave me concrete tools to approach this next chapter & an opportunity to break free.

Coaching is so transformative!  I love who I am!!"

~ Antoinette
Integrative Medicine & Family Physician
“[After 3 weeks of coaching] I’ve definitely noticed that there’s a shift in my satisfaction at work and my attitude showing up and being there for patients.  I’m calmer, even if I’m running late. And I’ve gotten really nice feedback from patients. I've been able to help them with what they really needed.

[Coaching] is definitely helping!"

~ Tahereh Naderi, MD
Integrative Medicine & Family Physician
Early Career
"You're amazing!  You helped an overwhelmed critical care physician during the pandemic who is now the MICU Director, happy, and managing her time better thanks to you!"

~ Anonymous
Pulmonary & Critical Care Physician
MICU Director

"I've had days where I would have been really really stressed, running behind.  But because of this program, I have been able to enjoy seeing patients in the moment and be more present. It has also allowed me to be more present with my kids. "

~ Anonymous
Family Physician
"Working with Emily was so rewarding and something I looked forward to each week. Coaching teaches you so much about yourself and provides a special opportunity to relate with like-mind individuals. This experience was so helpful in allowing me to cultivate a healthy work life balance. Highly recommend incorporating this in your life!"
~ Steph

"I highly recommend working with Emily. What I learned has helped me professionally and personally. I have come away with a set of tools that are enabling me to me navigate and learn from challenges/failures, and have developed the self-confidence to pursue the goals I didn't believe I could before. "
~ Anonymous
Family Physician

Mid Career
"I can’t think of anybody better to work with for me personally. Everything has changed! I can't even remember now what issues I was having before with my mom, with work. My husband is watching this process in me. It has been amazing."

~ Anonymous
Regional Director of TeleDerm
US Department of Veterans Affairs
"Working with Emily has been an amazing experience. Her energy and optimism, meeting you where you're at, goal setting for the future & creating a framework to help you achieve them. It's empowering & inspirational.  After 12 short weeks, I have renewed vigor, confidence and grace for myself, my family and my patients. Thank you!"

~ Francine L
Pediatrician & Canadian Practice Owner
"It really was amazing. I have to admit, in the beginning, I had some doubts but trust you and wanted to try. I am so grateful I did!!!!"
~ Sarah Gallo, MD
Family Physician
"Now I'm able to show up for people. The boundaries I've put into place are helping. I have the bandwidth. To be the mom I want to be. The partner I want to be. I'm on top of the wave now instead of floundering under it. I'm in control of where I'm going."

~ Anonymous
Integrative Medicine & Family Physician
Chief Medical Officer (FQHC)
"The first thing I noticed was that I was less resentful with my patients. I was happy to see them again. After not being for a long time. It feels better, it is a more engaged process. I’m having more people thanking me. And it feels good every time. This has been exactly what I've needed. I just didn't know it."

~ Anonymous
Family Physician
Late Career
"At the time that I was referred for life coaching with Emily Shaw, I was experiencing deep anguish about the suffering and impending death of my husband. One of the blessings of performing home hospice is the sense of singular purpose and unconditional love that transcends the demands of day to day. I was at a turning point where I had to begin to face going on with my life.
Emily’s coaching began with looking at my life up to now, and visualizing my life from the near term to twenty years into the future. I formulated my desires into goals and my goals into plans. Committing these ideas to more concrete steps and timelines brought me back down to Earth, which I at first resisted, but now that things are underway, allow me to experience happiness again.
I recommend life coaching for a person who wants change or growth in their personal and professional life that seems to keep being deferred by competing obligations and priorities. What you receive is not advice but a methodology that yields a more productive habit of thought. Of course, you still have to do the work, but you can take satisfaction in the accomplishment of intermediate goals along the way."
~ Elizabeth Peralta, MD
Breast Surgeon
"This program has been above and beyond what I expected. So I’ve been really happy with everything. The morning group sessions.  The individual sessions, the workbook.

I’m doing great!  This has been a rudder.  A North Star."
~ Anonymous
"Working with you has changed my approach and outlook towards work and my relationships.  In just six sessions coaching has really made a difference in my daily life.  I am more content and I'm a happier person!"

~ Anonymous
Internal Medicine Physician
Regional Director of Quality
"I have found coaching with Emily to be extremely helpful. She has a kind, caring and sensitive approach and allows me to be vulnerable, safe and comfortable to express what I've need to. I've been on a spiritual journey my entire 40 years of medical practice and have had clear ideas about the direction I've wanted my career to go to integrate my medical practice with my spiritual experience and wisdom. I've worked with world renowned MD coaches in the past 30 years, and her work has helped me synthesize my previous learning with where I am now in my life. My work with her has been invaluable because it brought me to where I want to be in this final third of my life and career. She's an excellent listener with a beautiful and open heart. I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to work with her and know her as a coach and colleague."
~ Melanie M. Kates, MD
Integrative Internal Medicine Physician
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