Pure Joy

April 14, 2021


This is what I wish for everyone! 

What could be better than crunching on snow peas in the backyard?  Lucia loves it.  We all do.  But really, picking blueberries, blackberries, grapes, fruit from our trees, and all the veggies in our garden are her most favorite things to do.  I’m super glad we live in a climate where we can grow things year round.  This is her happy place.

But as I was looking at this photo of her I was struck by the opposite feeling I had had in the moment right before I took it.  

Lucia and I were picking snow peas together, snacking and chatting and having a grand time.  And then I gazed over at the empty areas in the raised beds between the peas where normally, by now, there would be tomato plants.  And there would also normally be tomato plants in lots of other spots in the yard.  Because typically I plant 12-18 tomato plants.  I start them from seed that I’ve saved from prior years or purchased if I’m trying something new.  And I lovingly care for them after they sprout, transplanting them as they get bigger into larger pots until it is time to put them into the ground.  

But this year we were in Hawaii in February when I normally start the seeds so I wasn’t able to do that.  And then I forgot to put anything on my calendar to remind me to do it when we got back and then I forgot to remind myself to buy any starts before we went to New Jersey.  So now…it is mid April and I don’t have any tomatoes!!!  

So I caught myself feeling a bit of panic as I looked over at the dirt there.  

Luckily, I noticed the panic before it totally derailed the lovely time I was having with Lucia.  I was able to remind myself about why I was out there and that I was completely capable of figuring out (later) how to get tomatoes.  And that it could be an opportunity to try new things and have new experiences like going to the annual plant sale a bunch of our friends love going to to buy starts.   

So we’ll see what I’ll end up with in terms of tomato varieties.  I’m sure they’ll be great no matter what.  

I had the most lovely afternoon with my girls yesterday out in the garden.  Those moments are truly priceless.

Happy Wednesday!

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