Everyone Else Has Their Act Together

December 1, 2020

This is an almost universal thought that the physicians I’m coaching who are in their 30s seem to have.  Well, some people don’t say “act”.  They use a cuss word.  And I don’t cuss.  Not even in writing.  Why do we compare ourselves to others ALL THE TIME?  Does it help?  NO.  And who is “everyone” anyway? 

Through coaching I work with amazing physicians who have won awards for their contributions to their communities and who have made incredible differences in the lives of others but who despite all that continue to think stuff like this every day.  About how they’re not managing their notes, about how they’re not managing their household, relationships and other responsibilities.  They feel shameful & inadequate.  And that is completely the opposite of how they want to feel and how they want to show up in the world.  

So how does coaching help?  It is a mindset switch.  Something so simple and yet so elusive. 


After our very first session I got a feedback from one of my physician clients.  She said, “I did my homework and it worked!  Before I started clinic I got real and told myself I was capable of finishing my notes before going home.  At the end of clinic I was tired.  But I said, no, I’m going to do this.  And I noticed the notes that were left just had a little more that needed to be added before closing.  Less than usual.  I had finished more in the moment than usual.  So that new thought influenced what I did during the day and encouraged me to stick it out at the end.  And it felt so good to go home without anything hanging over my head.  And just be able to hang out with my husband and watch a sappy movie.  I felt so much more positive and capable.  And then I was more fun to be around too probably.”  

So that’s where the hope is.  In noticing and opportunity.  And in practicing a mindset shift.  Over and over.  Doable with time. Usually faster with a coach. 


If you want to experience a rapid total brain makeover and get rid of all those beliefs that are holding you back consider My First 24, the coaching program I designed for physicians.  I’m enrolling now!  Check it out here:  www.emilyshawmd.com.  

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