Your Words Are More Powerful Than Mine

November 30, 2020

One of my physician clients just sent me this beautiful message about coaching and how it has helped in the transitions she faced during and after her husband’s passing.  We worked on several things in our private coaching journey and she describes one of those, which was goal setting and getting things done.  She generously gave me permission to share.  

The theme for this week is going to be stories from my clients.  I hope you feel as inspired as I do when I think of them.

“[When be began our coaching relationship] I was experiencing deep anguish about the suffering and impending death of my husband. One of the blessings of performing home hospice is the sense of singular purpose and unconditional love that transcends the demands of day to day. I was at a turning point where I had to begin to face going on with my life.

Emily’s coaching began with looking at my life up to now, and visualizing my life from the near term to twenty years into the future. I formulated my desires into goals and my goals into plans. Committing these ideas to more concrete steps and timelines brought me back down to Earth, which I at first resisted, but now that things are underway, allow me to experience happiness again.

I recommend life coaching for a person who wants change or growth in their personal and professional life that seems to keep being deferred by competing obligations and priorities. What you receive is not advice but a methodology that yields a more productive habit of thought. Of course, you still have to do the work, but you can take satisfaction in the accomplishment of intermediate goals along the way.”

Everyone has a journey they want to start.  I help people figure out how to take those first steps.  And then the next ones.  And the next ones.  I coach physicians.  Let me know if you’d like help getting started on your journey.