My Health Is Important Too

December 2. 2020

Mommy guilt is real.  It is really really real.  That feeling that keeps you at home instead of getting ready to go outside to take a walk around the block…even though there’s that other parent available to watch the kids.  Or that feeling that creeps up when a grandparent or neighbor offers to watch the kids so you can go do something for yourself…and you say “oh no we’re ok thanks!”  WHAT?!?!?  


Yep.  Mommy guilt runs rampant.  All over us.  And it pretty much sucks the life out of us.  


So here’s a thought that some of my clients come up with that they like better.  “My health is important too.”  Because it doesn’t negate the importance of other people’s needs.  It just acknowledges that we’re people too.  That our needs and our health are important too.  


It gives us permission to spend initiative and money and mostly permission to spend the time on ourselves.  On our own personal growth and development as a human being.  


You are capable of overcoming mommy guilt.  You can replace mommy guilt with certainty that your health is important too.  You can get there!  


To any of you mom physicians wondering how to get there, I’ll tell you exactly how!  Click the link below to schedule a free coaching session & consult for My First 24, the coaching program I designed specifically for physicians.

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