Friday Favorites = De-Cluttering

April 23, 2021

I’m the first to admit that de-cluttering is not something I spend much time on.  But…I just took a bunch of clothes to give away to our local hospice thrift shop.  It felt so good!  I’m so glad places are accepting donations again.  I didn’t realize they were until last week.  

So now?!?!?!  I’m motivated to start clearing stuff out!  

Do you have stuff you need to clear out of your closet?  Stuff you need to clear out of your car?  Stuff cluttering up your brain?

It feels so good to purge!  What a privilege.  

The question though isn’t whether it’d be helpful or “good” for us to de-clutter our closets or our drawers or our car or the garage.  

The question is whether we’re ready or have the self-confidence, the ability to feel all the discomfort that’s gunna come up when we’re staring at stuff from the past and all the nostalgia comes out.  Or when we’re faced with our tendency to want to keep something “just in case”!


You know what I’m talking about!  It can be so hard!!!  

OR…I’m going offer this:  It can be so easy.

We get to choose!

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