LOOKING AT DATA:  Moms?  The Best Measure

August 2, 2021


Do you know what?  When I was designing each of my coaching programs (for Sutter where I work, MY FIRST 24, and the MY FIRST 24 Alumni Program), I put a lot into figuring out what the most useful measures would be to look for change in the providers I coach.  I never loved statistics or found joy in spreadsheets…until now!

Cuz it’s exciting!  To see how much less burnt out people are, how much more self-compassion they have, how much their resilience grows and their quality of life increases.  And, interestingly, after 12 weeks of coaching together the people who were unhappy with their job ended up 35% more likely to think they’re going to stay in that same job compared to before coaching.  That’s good for all the employers out there for sure.

So of course now that I’m seeing the results I’m loving the measures and instruments I picked.  I’m using the ones that the researchers are also using to evaluate coaching for physicians.  I’m not publishing anything though.  It’s just for me and my clients’ learning and growth.

But really, while these kinds of measures are super relevant for researchers and academics, for schools, and employers, they don’t paint a useful picture for any individual person as to what it would actually MEAN for their life.  Decreasing Emotional Exhaustion (an indicator of burnout) by an average of 28.5% while changing absolutely nothing but a person’s mindset is really great but it is not tangible.  What does that really mean for people?  Something like going from :o( to :o) ?

So, after getting multiple text messages like this:

Client:  “Hey Emily, do you ever coach non-doctors?”

Me:  “No, well, only in my work coaching program…NPs and PAs too.  Why?”

Client:  “My mom is wondering.  For herself.”

Me:  (silently stunned for a second)

I had a breakthrough!

I’m gunna continue to keep track of all those things I’m surveying.  But, in addition, for my own personal delight, I’m also going to keep track of a few other things that are more tangible.  Like how many of my coaching clients’ mothers ask if I can coach them too!

We’ll see what happens!  So far I’m at 17%.

Any other suggestions?

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