What can we learn from a dandelion?

May 4, 2021

We talk about parenting challenges and tools and mindsets a lot with our friends.  We were among the last of our friends to start having kids (because it just looked so challenging) so most of our friends have at least 1 kid who is older than our oldest.  So we watch them.  We learn from them.  

One of our friends shared what she learned from an article once (the cliff notes version) about peoples’ sensitivity level.  The idea was that your kid, or your spouse, or you is either an orchid, a dandelion, or something in between (which this researcher categorized as a tulip).  

I’d long decided that the image I wanted for my logo, if I ever made one, for my coaching practice was going to be a dandelion.  For a number of reasons.  I love the image of the little seeds with their mini umbrellas (like Mary Poppins) floating in the air and landing where they do.   How brave!  And I love how resilient they are.  They can thrive anywhere.  They bounce back.  They’re so very versatile.  I love that blowing their seeds can make dreams come true.  

That is what I want for the people I coach.  To learn how to become resilient.  Self-confident.  Flexible and hardy at the same time.  How to cultivate bravery and courage and how to thrive.

And what I’m realizing now is that there are a million other ways to express aspects of resilience.  And there are other words that describe slightly different feelings that before I had just lumped into one (resilient).  

So today I’m celebrating the dandelion.  For it’s resilience.  But I’m also celebrating these newfound feelings.  

Like feeling hardy, or irrepressible, or buoyant, or flexible.  Or unstoppable, or undying, unfading, enduring.  Or indestructible.  Adaptable, tough, strong.  Supple and stout and sturdy.

They’re all a little different!  And when we feel them we’re prone to behave just a little differently.  

What do you do when you feel these feelings?

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