Check Your Brain Speed

April 27, 2021

How fast is your brain going?  Mine goes crazy fast sometimes.  Somebody said once that each of us thinks around 60,000 thoughts per day.  I believe it!

What I realized is that sometimes it is useful for my brain to shoot out rapid thoughts in quick succession (like in an emergency like during a code).  However, even in those moments those thoughts need to be really well organized and methodical and thoughtful.  Even if they’re coming out fast.  

A lot of the time, before I started getting coached and practicing self-coaching every day, I would find myself in a jumble of thoughts.  A heap.  Everything was in disarray.  And I wondered why I felt disorganized and inefficient and distracted.  

And yes, having a brain that tends to do that naturally didn’t help.

But now, with that understanding in place, I can remind myself to check my brain speed.  I can slow myself down.  

I’m in control.

I can choose if I want to coast or if I want to blast full speed ahead.  Usually I don’t want either.  Though sometimes coasting feels nice.

Do you ever find yourself spinning around with your thoughts going a million miles a minute?  How do you slow yourself down?

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