Friday Favorites = April Flowers

April 2, 2021


You know how April showers are supposed to bring May flowers?  Well, we’re having an epic amount of April flowers.  Which are just absolutely my favorite.  Laura and I decided to get married here in Sonoma County in April (2014) because it is absolutely the best month for flowers here AND because all of our beautiful hills are bright green and everything just looks so vibrant.

So April is one of my most favorite months here.  

But do you know what April flowers also bring?  Allergies.  Big time.  

So I guess that is one reason life is sort of 50/50…there’s the good and the less good.  Always.  

I used to think that my goal in life was to bring happiness to others and to maximize my happiness as well.  To spend as much time as happy as possible.  For me and other people.  

But what I’ve realized is that life doesn’t work that way.  And that in a 100% pursuit of happiness we’d miss out on all the amazing growth that a lot of those less than happy feelings provide.  And that the only way to really fully experience and appreciate how wonderful and amazing love or warmth or joy or excitement are we need to also really understand what repulsion, cold, disappointment, and apathy feel like.  

So I’ve decided that I actually want it all.  So that I can experience everything more fully.  

The beauty and magnificence of the flowers.  And the daily nasal sinus rinses and fluticasone and fexofenadine so that I don’t appear to have a runny nose at work.

So worth it!

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