April 19, 2021


Yesterday was Laura and my 7th wedding anniversary.  I remember when we first got married that I always felt slightly horrified whenever our anniversary came up that it was “only our 1st anniversary” or “only our 2nd” or “only our 3rd” and I preferred to think about our relationship in terms of when we got together to begin with in 2005.  

What I realize now is that when I thought about us and celebrating 3 years it felt like it was negating all the other years.  It felt insignificant.  And so while I always enjoyed whatever activity we had planned and the time together I didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as I enjoyed myself yesterday.  And it wasn’t because it was a larger number that we were celebrating.  

I enjoyed the heck out of myself (and Laura did too) because we were celebrating us.  All of us.  And part of that was the happiest day of my whole life.  The day we officially, legally got married, celebrated, ate, listened, laughed, and danced the night away with our family and friends.  

That silly little piece of paper declaring our marriage isn’t that silly for us.  That and our children’s birth certificates are the only way we can prove that we’re a family. 

So what was the difference yesterday?  It was my brain!  

The “Oh I just LOVE exploring new places with my love!”  

And “holy cow my legs are so tired but it is so worth it!”  

And “this is beautiful.”  

And “I’m so glad we decided to come here.”  

“We’ll have time to do it all.”  

“We’ll figure it out together.”  

“These flowering meadows are incredible!”  

And after our date time when we were back with the girls…just prioritizing being in the moment with them, staying in wonder and amazement and joy…

“She’s so into soccer!”

“Let’s do this!”

“I just love them so much.”

“What a great effort!”

“We’re super flexible today.”

“We can switch activities if she is having a hard time.”

“Making lemonade sounds fun.”

“Melody might want to help plant some seeds.”

“We can think of something to cool down instead of making a fire & s’mores….ice cream!”

The day was perfect.

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