Picking Up Melody From School

January 8, 2021

In about an hour I get to do one of my favorite activities.  I’m going to go pick my 4 year old daughter up from school.  It is just a few blocks away from my house so our toddler and I will walk to get her.  I hardly ever get to do this.  I think it is only my 3rd time since we switched schools.  And Laura never gets to anymore…(this school ends at 1pm).  

What do I love about it?

It is the joy and excitement that is just bursting out of her when she sees me.  It is a reminder of how much she loves me.  That she wants to share all the things they did and to tell me all her stories.  

We all hold hands.  She sort of bounces and skips as our toddler tries to keep up.  And we listen to her rambles and the songs she makes up as we walk home.  

And that’s it!  We get home and usually they play for a while nicely and then the cycle of fighting, crying, forgiveness and sharing starts…and replays over and over and over…

And so I’m grateful for the wonderful little moments!

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