Reflection & A New Start

January 4, 2021

Usually I would have thought it useful to reflect on 2020 first ==> and then set my intentions for 2021.  

That’s not what I did.  On purpose.  I set my intentions based on where I want to go and who I want to be in 2021.  Not based on who I was in 2020.  

But now that I’ve done that I’m going to reflect on the year I had in 2020 and all the growth and the challenges I’ve faced.  And I’m going to decide intentionally on how I’m going to tell my story.  My version of 2020.  

Because it is useful to remember all the things I learned.  Re-live all the mistakes I made.  All the miss-steps along the way that contributed to this knowledge and experience base that I have now that I’m so grateful.

AND, maybe even more importantly, to remember everything that contributed to this comfort I developed with discomfort, with failure, and other unpleasant emotions like that.  

And, lastly, because it is also useful to remember all the challenges that I overcame.  All the hurdles I leapt over.  That builds my self-confidence.  Knowing that I’m capable of dreaming up amazing things and accomplishing them even if I don’t have any idea how to do it in the beginning.  

What story do you want to tell yourself about 2020?

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