2 Min Daily Brain Dump

January 13, 2021

In my coaching program for physicians I assign a small amount of homework.  And one of those assignments is to do what I call a "Brain Dump" or "Thought Download".  I like the dump concept for myself.  That word just resonates better with me.  

The point of doing this is to get all those thoughts that clutter our minds up out of our heads and onto a piece of paper.  You know when they pick the lottery numbers and there is the basket full of balls that jumble and toss and bump around as it spins ?  That's how I picture my brain with all the thoughts flying around all disorganized and messy.

Getting them down on paper helps us recognize the sheer volume of thoughts.  Allows us to sort out the useful ones from the useless ones.  And choose which thoughts we want to give more power to. 

It helps set the tone for the day.  

I usually like to do this for 5 minutes but noticed that if I do it for 2 minutes I'm more likely to do it regularly / daily.  So that's what I do now.  Just 2 minutes of being mindful about what's going on in my brain.

And I thought I'd demystify it for you all by sharing mine for the next few days.  So here you go!  

What does your brain say to you?


Emily's 2 Min Brain Dump:  Tuesday
I feel so much better than yesterday. 
But my arm still hurts.
I have to mail Grandma Ellen’s birthday card.
I hope it gets warmer in here.
Ooooh this tea is still too hot.
I’m staring into space.
I hope __(name of friend)__ is ok.
She’s doing the right thing.
They’ll take good care of her at __(name of hospital)__.
I’m glad we can help in this small way.

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